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May 17, 2005: Heart of Gold goes Open Source

Heart of Gold is an XML-based middleware for the robust integration of deep and shallow natural language processing components. It has been developed at DFKI under the wings of the projects Quetal and DeepThought in the context of the DELPH-IN collaboration. Heart of Gold is e.g. used for deep question analysis on restricted domains. The new website heartofgold.dfki.de contains source code, downloads and documentation.

September 19, 2004: Successful participation of QUETAL QA at CLEF

The annual evaluation of Cross-Language Question Answering Systems, part of the CLEF evaluation campaign, has been a very successful event this year in Bath, UK, not only for CLEF itself, but also for our team from DFKI's QUETAL project. This year's evaluation covered eight European languages, and eighteen research groups submitted forty-eight runs. In the English target language task, the QUETAL team obtained the best result among the seven participating centers.

August, 9-20, 2004: Course at ESSLLI 2004

QUETAL Researchers Günter Neumann and Feiyu Xu teach a course on Information Extraction and Question Answering at the 2004 European Summer School for Logic, Language and Information in Nancy.

May 21, 2004: Keynote Lecture in Beijing

Hans Uszkoreit and Feiyu Xu present crosslingual question answering in their keynote lecture "Modern Multilingual and Cross-lingual Information Access Technologies" at the Forum on Multilingual Information Service System for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

March 24, 2004: Keynote Lecture at IJCNLP

Hans Uszkoreit presents a keynote lecture on "Language Technology for E-Memory Applications" at the International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing IJCNLP 2004, Sanya, China.

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